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From inside a pinball machine, Rob Craig and Steve Rothschild provide a marathon mix of pinball & arcade memories blended with news and technical tips relevent to all that collect and restore pinball machines.



All of this is peppered with overly-produced mixed in music and sound bits. And there’s exclusive segments like "I Rememeber When it was ...", I Saw it on eBay, Pinball Machine & Babe of the Show, OMGRGP, Nikkie the Silverball Girl, and a whole lot more!





The Silverball Podcast is a ‘PG’ show. Yes, we like the babe’s as much as the next admirer of fine pinball art. But we keep the discussion void of most words you don’t want the younger ones to hear.



Well, not just today but EVERYDAY. Click on “The Episodes” and start listening to hours of chatter that will make your dog howl, sane people twitch, and somehow make you feel like you’re hanging with us - talking shop or reminiscing about pinball

and the good ‘ole days.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Made in America
Enjoyed Around the World! FUN FOR THE WHOLE

The Silverball Podcast has a very active facebook Group. With over 200 members, we have discussions ranging from what people are currently buying or restoring, interesting photos of machines found in public, and Steve and I let people know when we are recording a show so you can have input on the direction the show goes! Best of all, facebook members get a link to the show at least 24 hours before it goes public! Click on the F to the left, or follow this link to find the show on facebook!

Rob’s Show notes

Introduce Steve

Insert good Rock Tune

Preview topics

More Rock Music

Pinball News

Pick a year back in time

Talk pinball, video, music,movies.

Steve’s news & dead people.

Tech tips, eBay, OMGRGP

Interview someone fun! More music!

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