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Rob is a 14 year coin-op collector and restorer with a strong emphasis on solid state pinball. A Murray Statue University BS graduate in Electrical Engineering Technology, an MS graduate from Southern IL University in Professional Media (video game industry & design) and 15 career years in Information Systems Technology. He has owned over 200 pinball machines and around 50 video games ... And still counting! E-mail Rob at . See archives of Rob’s Monthly Magazine Columns: Tales of the Silverball (from GameRoom Mag.) & Pinball Aficionado (from Alyways Jukin) at

Steve has been collecting pinball machines over the last 9 years. Not only a shop monkey (pun intended), but also a competitive player and meticulous pinball shopper-outer. Steve finds his way into rat infested warehouse finds from time to time where he feels right at home. He participates in many of Rob’s wild projects to determine the true ‘fun factor’ in the madness. The rumors are true, Steve sleeps with 4 pinball machines in his room!

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